Daily Self- Weighing – How It Helps You Take Control Of Your Weight?

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At any given moment, an estimated 24% of men and 38% of women in the Pakistan are trying to lose weight
Meanwhile, obesity has skyrocketed and working-age adults are gaining about 2.2 pounds (1 kg) annually, on average.
Recent studies have shown that daily self-weighing may be a powerful tool for both losing and maintaining weight.
However, many people believe that weighing yourself daily contributes to bad mental health and disordered eating habits.
So what should you believe? This article sets the record straight on whether you should start weighing yourself daily.

Weighing Yourself Daily Helps You Lose More Weight

The simple act of self-weighing has received lots of attention and stirred up controversy for years.
Some people have even thrown away their scale, claiming that it’s a highly misleading weight loss tool that results in bad self-esteem and disordered eating habits
However, recent studies generally agree that daily weighing is associated with greater weight loss and less weight regain than less-frequent self-weighing.

One study showed that participants who weighed themselves daily for six months lost 13 more pounds (6 kg), on average, than those who weighed themselves less frequently

What’s more, those who weigh themselves daily tend to adopt more favorable weight control behaviors, exercise better restraint toward food and eat impulsively less often.

Interestingly, adopting healthy weight-related behaviors has been shown to be especially important when people emerge from adolescence into adulthood

One study in participants aged 18–25 showed that daily self-weighing resulted in better weight loss than less-frequent weighing
The researchers concluded that daily self-weighing is a particularly valuable self-regulation tool for this age group.

Furthermore, another study showed that people who weighed themselves every day ate 347 fewer calories per day than those who did not.

After six months, the group that weighed themselves daily ended up losing a whopping 10 times more weight than the control group.

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