A V Fistula Set
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A V Fistula Set


SKU:A V Fistula Set

A V Fistula Set

2 Diethrich Str Bulldog Clamp

2 Diethrich Curved Bulldog Clamp

2 Senn Muller Retractor Sharp

2 Ring Handle Buldog Debakey

2 Andson Tissue Forceps

2 Andson Plain Forceps

1 Frazier Suction Tube 8FG

2 Blair Roll Retractor Del 4 Pr-Bl

2 Gillies Skin Hook Retractor 4mm

2 Dismerris Lid Retractor

1 Weistaner Retractor 2×3 Blunt 4.5″Str

2 Mixter Angled Forceps Del Right

1 Castroviejo Needle Holder

1 Metzenbaum Scissor Lahey Cvd.Serrated

1 Vascular Scissor 45 Degree

1 Scalpel Handle No.3

1 Stevenes Tenotomy Scissor Cvd .4.5

2 Micro Mosquito Foeceps Cvd

1 Instrument Box Stainless steel

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