Advanced Childbirth Comprehensive Skill Training Simulator (soft)
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Advanced Childbirth Comprehensive Skill Training Simulator (soft)

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Advanced Childbirth Comprehensive Skill Training Simulator (soft)


  • This most advance model of Child Birth Skills Training Model has been designed by our highly trained Medical Professionals which gives perfect SOFT feel like real Human Body.
  • This model gives perfect chance for students in all major Medical & Nursing School, Colleges, Universities, Institutions & Hospital to learn, understand and practice precisely.
  • This model consists of pelvic cavity, fetus (with umbilical cord and placenta), cervix check model (cervix change of antepartum) perineum cutting and suturing training simulator and etc.
  • With life-like shape and perfectg life-like feel cervix check and child Birth procedure can be operated.
  • Trainees can simulate Child Birth procedure, assist delivery, perineum protecting and episiotomy.


  • Cervix Check Model: Size of cervical ora, effacement of cervical canal and the position of fetal head corresponding to the plane of ischial spine can be checked.
  • Fetus Model: The skin is SOFT and fontanel is visible. Vacuum extraction, umbilical cord ligation and placenta expulsion can be exercised.
  • Childbirth Model: The model consist of transparent abdominal wall and life-like SOFT skin. Stimulate mormal or difficult labors, assist delivery and perineum protecting.
  • Perineum Cutting & Suturing.


  • The simulator can be used repeatedly.
  • One set of the simulator consists of three components i.e. separately simulate the right posterior incision, left posterior incision or median incision.


  • Each set is individually packed in a Deluxe case.

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