Baby With Fetus, Viscus And Placenta (soft)
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Baby With Fetus, Viscus And Placenta (soft)

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Baby With Fetus, Viscus And Placenta (soft)


  • This model has been designed by our highly trained Medical Professionals and is highly recommended for students in all majorNursing Schools, Colleges, Universities and Medical Institutions.
  • It is the most advanced and detailed model of Baby which gives a perfect soft feel like the real baby.
  • The model shows a female fetus at the and of the pregnancy with placenta and umbilical cord.
  • This natural life-size model shows 13 positions and can be separated into 13 parts which gives students perfect chance to learn and understand precisely.
  • Mounted on a plastic base for easy demonstration and precise study.


  1. Placenta
  2. Umbilical Cord
  3. Abdominal cover
  4. 2 Pcs of lungs
  5. Hearts
  6. Thymus
  7. Packing: Each piece is individually packed in a thick Carton.

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