Diagnostic Set - Elite 97150 Bi
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Diagnostic Set – Elite 97150 Bi


Diagnostic Set – Elite 97150 Bi

  • Welch Allyn 97150-BI Elite Diagnostic Set Product; A good quality entry-level set at a very competitive price, the Welch Allyn 97150-BI offers a fantastic introduction to professional diagnostic sets.


  • 1x Diagnostic otoscope
  • 1x Standard ophthalmoscope
  • 1x C-Cell battery handle
  • 1x Hard carry case
  • 4x Re-usable speculae (2,3,4 & 5mm)

25020 | Diagnostic Otoscope:

  • The Halogen HPXa„¢ lamp provides light output for true tissue colour and consistent, long-lasting performance.
  • Fibre optics project cool light to the distal tip with no reflections or obstructions for superior views of the tympanic membrane.
  • The wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation under magnification.
  • Insufflation port for manipulation of the tympanic membrane.
  • A sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy and accurate diagnosis of otitis media.
  • Variable illumination strength via the handle rheostat dial.
welch allyn otoscope with halogen powered fibre-optics


Allows a completely unobstructed view in true tissue colour.
welch allyn otoscope with rheostat control


Vary the power of illumination with the smooth turn of a dial.
welch allyn otoscope with wide-angle viewing lens


With easy access for cleaning.

welch allyn otoscope with insufflation port for pneumatic otoscopy


Attach an insufflation bulb to test the mobility of the tympanic membrane via pneumatic otoscopy.

11710 | Standard Ophthalmoscope:

  • Halogen light for true tissue colour and consistent, long-lasting performance.
  • 6 apertures:
  • MicroMicro – allows quick entry into small, undilated pupils.
  • MediumSmall – provides excellent view of fundus through an undilated pupil.
  • LargeLarge – general examination of the eye through dilated pupil.
  • FixationFixation – graduated cross-hairs for measuring eccentric fixation or locating lesions.
  • Slit


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