Electrosurgical Diathermy - Sanic 410
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Electrosurgical Diathermy – Sanic 410

Precise Output control through microprocessor & digital soft touch system.


Electrosurgical Diathermy – Sanic 410


  • Designed according to international standards.
  • Precise Output control through microprocessor & digital soft touch system.
  • Satisfactory functioning during prolonged & continuous surgery.
  • Suitable for all types of procedures in general surgery including TUR & cardiac surgery.
  • Maximum Patient safety as well as to the user & Machine.
  • Elegant design & robust construction.
  • Modulated Frequency Generation for Safe Operation.


  • Disposable Handle with finger switch.
  • Bipolar Forceps.
  • Bipolar Lead (Autoclaveable).
  • Dual foot switch for cut/coag/TUR.
  • Patient Plate with Lead and Plug.
  • Main Power Lead.
  • Spare Fuses.


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