Human Skeleton (dis-articulated) Life-size 170cms Tall
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Human Skeleton (dis-articulated) Life-size 170cms Tall

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Human Skeleton (dis-articulated) Life-size 170cms Tall


  • This model has been designed by our highly trained Medical Professionals as a visual aid in teaching physiology and hygiene courses.
  • It help the students to study the morphology of bones and the construction of joints.
  • Thus it is the perfect model for students to learn more and more about Human Skeleton.


  • A Life-size Disarticulated Skeleton, shows all bones of human body.
  • It includes 3-part skull, Left hand and Left foot are connected.
  • It shows:
    • SKULL : Composed of 22 pieces of bones
    • VERTEBRAL COLUMN : Composed of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 Lumber vertebral, a piece of sacrum, a piece of coccyx
    • BONY THORAX : Composed of 24 ribs, a piece of coastal cartilage and a piece of sternum
    • BONY PELVIS : Composed of sacrum, coccyx and 2 pieces of hip bones
    • BONES OF UPPER EXTREMITIES : Composed of 64 pieces of seperatable bones
    • BONES OF LOWER EXTREMITIES : Composed of 62 pieces of seperatable bones
  • Packing: Each piece is individually packed

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