Norditalia Arianne P1 Aerosol Nebulizer
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Norditalia Arianne P1 Aerosol Nebulizer



Norditalia Arianne P1 Aerosol Nebulizer

  • Aerosoltherapy appliance provided of innovative piston compressor non-stop working.
  • The operative pressure ensures a fast nebulization time and particle dimension therapeutically effective, also thanks to the 2 speeds Neboplus Ampul.
  • The compact dimensions facilitate the transport and the storage.
  • Accessories compartment, handle, cable winder, ampul- ousing and spare filter.
  • Modern design, crash proof plastic case and attractive colours.



Arianne P1

Operating Pressure

0,7 bar

Free Flow

12 lpm

Noise level at 1 m

35 dBA

Operating times

non stop

Open plug nebulization rate

0,35 ml/min

Plug inserted nebulization rate

0,16 ml/min


5,44 Aµm


2 years

Revision Code

Ed. 10/11


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