Oxygen Flowmeter China
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Oxygen Flowmeter China


Oxygen Flowmeter China

  • The Oxygen Inhalers (Oxygen Flowmeters with Humidifiers) are made for the Hospitals Oxygen Supply.
  • This model of Oxygen Inhalers (Oxygen Flowmeters with Humidifiers) connected with Oxygen Cylinders directly. The Flux and the Output Pressure can be adjusted by this Oxygen Inhaler.It has the function of Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, and Oxygen Humidifiers.
  • Compared with the Oxygen Inhalers (Oxygen Flowmeters with Humidifiers) which can be put into the Oxygen Outlets in the medical gas supply equipments such as Bed Head Trunking (Bed Head Units / Bed Head Panels), Ceiling Medical Pendants (Surgical Pendants, ICU Pendants, Endoscope Pendants, etc.), Wall Exposed Medical Gas Supply Units, etc. This kind of Oxygen Inhalers for Oxygen Cylinder are widely used in the hospitals who do not have the Hospital Central Oxygen Supply Systems. Also, it is used for the hospitals as spare Oxygen Flowmeters.
  • The connectors of the Oxygen Inhalers have 5 models for option; They are compatible for different Port of the Oxygen Cylinder Output Ports.
  • Safty valve.
  • Alarm when leak;
  • Pressure meter for air pressure.


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