Suction Machine - Dxt-1
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Suction Machine – Dxt-1



Suction Machine – Dxt-1

  • Electric absorb phlegm apparatus DXT-1


  • Long life double piston cylinder which requires no lubrication ordaily maintenance produces no polluion to the environment and can provide high vacuum/high flow
  • The negative pressure regulating system can be controlled step lessly according to the viscosity of the phlegm and mucusfor the selection of frequired negative pressure value. Normal phlegm aspiration: 0.027-0.053Mpa((200-400-mmHg)maximum negative presssure value for emergency phlegm aspiration: 0.08Mpa(600mmHg)
  • Overflow protection device can safely and efficiently prevent the liquid from entering into the jump; And the air emitted by the pump is prefiltered by a bacterial filter which provides and effedctive barrier against contamination and protection to the environment;
  • The unit features convenient operation, safey in use, low noise, low power consumption, and easy to carry.


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