Ultrasound Diagnostic System Portable - Hy-5511
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Ultrasound Diagnostic System Portable – Hy-5511

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Ultrasound Diagnostic System Portable – Hy-5511

  • HY5511 system offers many brilliant features with advanced technologies, such as digital beam-forming leading to high precision, various image processing technologies like RDA, real-time dynamic frequency scanning, high line density scanning, part zoom, super capacity for cine loop, powerful measurement and calculation software packages and so on.
  • The USB ports and double probe connectors also ensure an easy and efficient use. Moreover the integrative design of folded cover with back-light keyboard and easy handle will present you an enjoyable and wonderful experience.


  • Application
    • Abdomen, OB&GYN, small parts, urology, cardiology
  • Displaying Mode
    • B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, A
  • Scanning Method
    • Electronic convex, electronic linear
  • Scanning techniques
    • Digital beam former, dynamic aperture, DRF, RDF, dynamic receiving apodization (DRA)?THI
  • Grey Scale
    • 256
  • Probe
    • Multi-frequency probe with 4 steps
  • Cine loop
    • 256 frame
  • Image storage
    • Built-in memory(64 frames), storage via USB port
  • Zoom
    • Intelligent zoom, local zoom
  • Software packages
    • General software packages for abdomen, OB/GYN, small parts, cardiology etc. Special cardiology software package: LV, Mitral valve, Aortic valve, CO, SV, EF etc. Special fetal software package: LMP, fetal growth curve.
  • General measurement
    • B mode: distance, circumference, area, volume, ratio, angle, %stenosis etc;
    • M mode: heart rate, velocity etc;
    • EDD tables: BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HC,AC, LMP, OB table(Tokyo, Hadlock, Hansmann), LMP functions.
  • Probe frequency
    • 2.5MHz~10.0MHz(depend on the probe type)
  • Standard configuration
    • Main unit, 3.5MHz convex probe, 2 probe connectors, 10″ monitor
  • Optional configuration
    • 7.5MHz linear probe, 6.5MHz transvaginal probe, 3.5MHz heart probe, trolley, biopsy kit, video printer,
    • USB port
  • Power supply
    • 220v(A±10%) AC 50Hz(standard)
    • 110v((A±10%) AC 60Hz(upon the request)


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