Ultrasound Printer Mitsubishi P93w Japan
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Ultrasound Printer Mitsubishi P93w Japan

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Ultrasound Printer Mitsubishi P93w Japan

The Mitsubishi P93 is a high speed, high resolution thermal printer that is perfectly suited to printing images directly from the MicroDOC. Connected to the MicroDOC by a BNC cable, the Mitsubishi P93 prints 325dpi images, up to 133 x 99mm in size. Thermal printer paper is also available.

The P93E is an A6 monochrome thermal printer, which accepts standard composite video and comes equipped with a host of features making it the ideal choice for an array of medical applications.

The printer incorporates a high-density 325dpi thermal head and has a page resolution of 1280 x 500 pixels, ensuring that even intricate detail can be accurately reproduced.Two print sizes can be selected, 100 x 75mm (normal) and 133 x 99mm (landscape), and normal print sizes can be produced in as little as 3.3 seconds. With a choice of thermal paper options including high density, glossy or standard, this roll fed printer combines jam free reliability with straightforward paper loading and easy to use front panel.The Mitsubishi P93E comes with a clear control panel located on the front of the printer, this allows access to a the full range of functions including: slide switches allowing easy control of size and print modes; a dial for accurate adjustment of the settings; contrast and brightness functions, and a print exit cutter.


  • Upto 133 x99mm prints
  • 7 different picture formats
  • High speed
  • Small footprint
  • Print directly from any composite video sourse
  • User friendly controls located on the front panel
  • Jam free realiability
  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Lightweight design


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