Something you need to know about AMBU bag (manual resuscitator)

Manual resuscitator (AMBU bag or BVM ) is available with mask, patient valve (pressure limiting valve), resuscitation bag, intake valve (accessories: oxygen tubing, reservoir bag, etc) .

The manual resuscitator is available with or without masks and pressure limiting valve and oxygen tube and oxygen reservoir.


The range of application for each version is:

Adult: Adults and children.

Pediatric: Children and infants.

Infant: Infants and neonates.


1. This product must be used by personnel thoroughly trained in the techniques of pulmonary resuscitation.

2. Clear patient’s airway before using manual resuscitator.

3. Always check for proper function of resuscitator.

4. Verify proper valve action. Verify patient is being ventilated by observing alternate rise and fall of the patient’s chest and color of lips and face during resuscitation.

5. Always make functional test of the resuscitator after unpacking and assembly.

6. Do not use the resuscitator in toxic or hazardous atmospheres.

7. Oil or grease should not be used in close proximity to oxygen equipment –fire may result.

8. Do not smoke or use open flames when oxygen is in use- fire may result.

9. PVC/SEBS manual resuscitator are disposable. Do not autoclavable. No reprocessing must be done.It is for use on a single patient only . If reusable may cause cross infection between the patients.

How to set up manual resuscitator:

Full extend the bag of resuscitator (Adult and pediatric version). Prior to using the resuscitator. Visually proper valve action while squeezing the resuscitator. Connect patient valve into outlet of mask. If resuscitating with high oxygen concentration, full extend the oxygen tube, attach oxygen nozzle adapter to proper oxygen source. Connect reservoir bag. Set oxygen flow not to exceed 15 LPM or on the order of a physician.


Infant Pediatric Adult
Body weight ≤10kg 10kg~33kg ≥33kg
Stroke volume 150 ml 350 ml 800 ml
Resuscitator volume 340ml 680ml 1630ml
Dimensions(Lenght×Diameter) 225×85mm 262×105mm 325×132mm
Resuscitator weight 350 g 410 g 600 g
Pressure limiting valve 40cmH2O 40 cmH2O 60cmH2O
Dead space(patient valve) 7ml 7ml 7 ml
Inspiratory resistance <5 cmH2O(at 50 L/min)
Expiratory resistance <5 cmH2O(at 50L/min)
Bag reservoir volume 1600 ml 1600 ml 2000 ml
Patient connector ISOØ22/15mm
Recommended Operating temperature: -18℃~+50℃
Storage -40 ℃~+60 ℃

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